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Translation: All Night Nippon R Snippets [2010.09.17]

So.. Finally i have decided to translate some snippets of the GazettE's infamous All Night Nippon R Radio Recordings from last year. If you want to listen to it, you can download the full version recorded by rubyzinha here.

Please excuse my insufficient Japanese skills that I can only translate some parts of it (besides they were laughing too much XD). I only translated some parts which I think funny and that I fully understand. So go ahead read if you'd like, and if you find any mistakes, please feel free to inform me!

I am still waiting for someone who can translate the whole thing, because this is too precious to be left not translated. ^^

All Night Nippon R Snippets
[2010. 09.17]


Kai: Here, first I’d like to do some simple introductions, just saying our own names and parts. Then, first from me. I’m doing drums, my name is Kai. Please treat me favorably.
Gazemen: *laughs*
Kai: It’s not a lie, there isn’t any single lie. *laughs* Yes.
Ruki: Yes. I’m doing vocal, my name is Ruki. Please treat me favorably.
Uruha: Eeto.. I’m the lead guitarist, Uruha. Please treat me favorably.
Aoi: Ee.. the GazettE’s guitarist and in charge of being manly, I’m Aoi. Please treat me favorably.
Reita: I’m the person who is in charge of bass, Reita. Please treat me favorably.

[on one of fan messages]

Kai: Well, now, I'd like to read a message.
Aoi: I understand! It's scary isn't it! *chuckles*
Ruki: *chuckles*
Kai: Eee.. Radio name? Radio name?
Reita: Un.
Aoi: What's wrong? what's wrong? *laughs*
Reita: Radio name or ring name?
Kai: Ring name?
Reita & Kai: It's not written here.
Kai: Eee.. "I have a question for all members. Ee.. I'm looking forward to Tokyo Dome's live good night." [Kai didn't cut the sentence here]
Uruha: Good night..?
*roars of laughter*
Kai: "Good night." *laughs* An.. Anya.. *laughs*
Uruha: That kind of intonation is.. *laughs*
Kai: *laughs* I didn't know where to cut it.
Uruha & Ruki: Understood. I get it.
Kai: "Good night. I'm Anya. Ee.. I'm.."
Aoi: It's written there! Isn't the radio name written there?!
Kai: *laughs*
Ruki: Un. Anya.
Kai: *laughs* Right. Anya-san. Yes. "Lately I have been working part time only in ramen shops."
Kai: "Do the members like ramen? Then, what taste do you like? Then, what about your eating styles?"
Reita: Only this will take two hours to finish. *laughs*
Uruha: This..
Kai: It's like the noodle's hardness.
Aoi: If it's only ramen.. well, our Ruki and Reita just don't hold themselves.
*roars of laughter*
Kai: They can't keep silent?
Reita: Ruki is the noisiest in ramen shops.
Ruki: Ah, is it that kind of program? *laughs*

[on RED's release date]

Kai: Yes. Ee.. you just heard the GazettE's new single, RED, but excuse me, there is a correction here. I said September 22 is next week's Tuesday, but the correct one is next week's Wednesday. *laughs*
Aoi: Well, we are wondering if this will be a good year or not. Hm.
Uruha: *giggles*

[on the GazettE's history]

Kai: First, in 2002, Gazette was formed. At that time I wasn't there. Yes, I'm sorry. *laughs*
Reita: Well, even now he's not here. *laughs*
Kai: Then, in July maxi single Wakaremichi was released. In this period, we visited several places for tours, paying with our own money. Even days like when we stopped and slept in our car lasted for quite long.
Aoi: That time was really terrible.
Uruha: Even though the tires stopped working, when it could move, we got really excited.
*roars of laughters*
Ruki: It's amazing.
Aoi: Yes, yes. This is not made up.

[on Tokyo Dome's first performance]

Kai: Well, about our first Tokyo Dome, there must be various feelings in each and every hearts [of the members]. Approaching Tokyo Dome, "We will do it at Dome!", I think there must be that kind of feeling in each and everyone.
Ruki: Why did you say it twice? *laughs*
Kai: The special one, *laughs* the special feelings, how is it, everyone?
Uruha: Well, we're looking forward to it.
Ruki: Looking forward to it, as expected.
Kai: Well, things like a dream, or an unspoken agreement between us, like "I want to do it here!"
Reita: Well, there is no such thing as an unspoken agreement. *laughs*
Uruha: We'll just do it like usual. *laughs*
Kai: *laughs* Well, ano, if you get to do it in a place with such a big capacity like Tokyo Dome, what do you want to do?
Reita: I want to do a live! *laughs*
Kai: Nonono. *laughs* like the things you really want to do.
Aoi: I want to play guitar..! *laughs*
Ruki: Well.. rather the opposite, in such a big place like that, how to say it, I want to do it like in a live house.
Kai: Ah, to do it cosily?
Ruki: It's unexpected, right?

[on individual talk corner]

Kai: Ee.. What kind of character each and everyone of us, I think there are many fans out there who don't know about it.
Aoi: I guess so.
Kai: Moreover we're really good at this.
Reita: I want to know. *in a sarcastic tone*
Kai: *laughs*
Uruha: *laughs* I want to know.
Kai: *laughs* Yes. With that, from now on it will be the five members' individual talk corners. If there isn't enough time, please do it freely. *goes to explain more details*
Kai: Then, that person should also be in charge of all, including the closing [of his own individual talk corner].
Gazemen: I see.
Uruha: In the midway, Kai-kun, it's okay to be moved into tears. *laughs*
Kai: *laughs*
Aoi: It's dangerous here, you know, Uruha-kun?
Kai: Silence is bad. *laughs*
Aoi: This talk might be forgotten and just disappeared though. *laughs* [I think he meant Uruha would still fail XD]
Kai: Yes. Well then, first, to decide from which person we will start, shall we try to do janken? [=Japanese rock-paper-scissors]
Aoi: Ah I see.
Kai: Then how should we do this? The person winning the janken can choose the number they want to go with. Do you get it? Starting from the person who win first.
Reita: But if we just do jankenpon in radio, people won't understand. Shall we try saying it [while doing the janken]?
Aoi: Then shall we try?
*the janken was done with lots of laughters and was rather chaotic*
Kai: Then the first ones who lost were Ruki-kun and Uruha-kun.
Reita: The leader is the first one who won, then Reita is the next one.
Kai: Then is it okay if I choose the number first?
Reita: Yep.
Kai: Then I choose number three.
Uruha: Eeeeeh??!
Kai: I'll go with number three.
Reita: Then, number four.
Aoi: Number two.
Reita: Oh this is.. *laughs*
Ruki: Oh, this is bad! *laughs*
Uruha: This is bad, isn't it. You guys are strange!
Ruki: You know this right, first one is risky, the last one is also..
Uruha: The last one is also risky though.
Ruki: Then, I'll do number one.
Aoi: The last one is Uruha, right.
Kai: Is it okay to start from now?
Gazemen: Yep.

Ruki's Talk Corner

Kai: The first person to talk in the individual talk corner is this person, the GazettE's vocal, Ruki.
Ruki: Please treat me favorably.
Aoi: SO COOL!!!
*roars of laughters*
Aoi: Wasn't that the real thing? Eh, wasn't it necessary? *laughs*
Gazemen: Absolutely unnecessary.. *laughs*
Ruki: Well, I will start.

[on Ruki's talk corner topic, his first time starting music, being a drummer]

Ruki: Well, just like that I played the drums, went to various live houses to perform, at that time I unexpectedly won the competition with Uruha and Reita who are here now. Well I don't really talk with them at that time..
Reita: A bit, right.
Ruki: So I won, then my band and Uruha and Reita's band...
Uruha: Have we ever really competed?
Ruki: Yes we have.
Uruha: I think we haven't..
Ruki: We have, right?
Reita: Yes, we have. *laughs*
Uruha: Well, fine then.
Ruki: *laughs* Oi, what did you forget?
Ruki: Then, when our next band.. Wait, what is this, is this talk interesting?
Reita: This.. is not interesting!
*roars of laughter*
Ruki: No, me too.. Eventhough I have been talking about this.. the thing I have in my mind is completely different. *laughs*

Aoi's Talk Corner

Aoi: Well, ee.. the GazettE's individual talk, the third person talking here is me, the GazettE's guitarist, Aoi..
Kai: The second! The second! *giggles*
Aoi: Why?! Why now?! Why me? Eh? Eh eh?!
Gazemen: *laughs*
Aoi: Ah, did I just say the third person now? Ah, I'm sorry for the abrupt mistake. This second person to talk here is this hero Mr. Aoi-san.

[On Aoi's talk corner topic]

Aoi: Well, there's something that has been in my mind lately..
Ruki: *laughs*
Aoi: Nonono, I'm sure everyone is interested in this.
Gazemen: Yes, yes.
Aoi: Everyone must be interested in this.
Ruki: We're counting on you.
Aoi: Well, it's not that interesting, only that it's a problem I have been thinking.
Ruki: Yes, yes, yes.
Aoi: Well, it's about.. the thing called love [= 恋/koi/love;passion].
Ruki: Un.
Kai: Uwoo.. *laughs*
Aoi: From where does it come?
Gazemen: *laughs* Yes, yes.
Uruha: It's not the one in the river, right? [= 鯉 /koi/Japanese carps; a kind of fish]
Aoi: What's that? *laughs* Well, well, it's not that.
Aoi: Well, it's the thing called love.
Ruki: Nono, I understand.
Aoi: Love is unexpected right, it's hurricane right?
Gazemen: *laughs*
Kai: To say it's hurricane.. because it comes suddenly, right.
Aoi: But, what is the cue?
Ruki: Ah but listen, everyone here has been in love right? Where can it come from.. for example you pay attention to that person's face, you fall for that person's voice, or you aim for that person's body..
Aoi: What.. you! *laughs*
Kai: *laughs*
Uruha: Well, that is also love/ passion isn't it.
Ruki: Right, because that is also love/ passion.
Aoi: Well, well..
Ruki: Yes, of course it's the desire within human which is related to that person. Like that.
Uruha: Ah, It's finished already? [Aoi's topic]
*roars of laughter*
Aoi: Well this is, as I thought, eventhough love is an important thing, at the beginning we will think about ourselves, how we will be, at that time of course we can't see the outcome. But as I thought when we love someone, we can cure ourselves and our eyes will be opened. It might be different but I'd like to live while thinking like that.. from now on.
Aoi: As I thought, that's passion. That's love, isn’t it.
Reita: Then.. [what about your] love now?
Aoi: Well, that's...
*roars of laughters*
Aoi: It's a long story. *laughs*
Kai: *laughs* There is, right?
Reita: It will be troublesome.. *laughs*
Ruki: There is a main stopper. [couldn't hear this part clearly]
Aoi: Well, well.. It's enough for my story for now. With this, my talk is over.
Gazemen: *laughs*

Kai’s Talk Corner

Kai: Well, the third person of GazettE’s individual corner, Kai..
Reita: The most “whatever’s okay” in the world. *laughs*
Ruki: *laughs* This is the moment when Kai is allowed to be alone.
Aoi: I want to read it aloud.
Kai: Nonono, wait. *laughs* I will talk just the same..!
Kai: Well, first, I’d like to begin my talk with a simple introduction. Ee, my part is drummer. I’m playing the drums. Yes, well.. things like the first time I started on drums, various things, I think these kind of talk is okay.
Aoi: It’s okay. *in a cold tone*
Kai: *laughs* It’s really okay..
Aoi: It’s really great. It’s really great.
Reita: That’s okay.
Aoi: The flow just now is really great. *still in cold tone* Then, then?
Kai: *laughs* Well now I’d like to talk about my hobby lately.
Reita: That’s the most “whatever’s okay”..!
*roars of laughters*
Kai: *laughs* I want to tell everyone about it. Um, I like movies very much.
Ruki: Here it comes..!! This talk..!
Kai: Yes, I like movies very much, I like the movie itself, but I also really like recommending movies to other people. The other day I went to watch a movie with Reita-kun.
Ruki: What was it called?
Reita: Should I say it? “A Perfect Getaway” *in English*
*roars of laughters*
Aoi: Your face..! Looked so cool..!
*roars of laughters*
Kai: Once more, once more..!
Reita: “A Perfect Getaway” *in English*
*roars of laughters*

[on a fan’s letter]

Kai: “At lives, during encore there is always time when Reita-san and Kai-san do a session together. Is that ad-lib?”
Reita: That’s right.
Kai: Is that ad-lib?
Reita: *wheezes*
Kai: Is that so?
Reita: Eehh..?
*roars of laughters*
Kai: Well there is a song for that session which has been made before, it’s called Ride With The Rockers..
Reita: Eh.. Is that the time when Kai is left alone?
*roars of laughters*

[on the closing, introducing a song]

Kai: Now, I’d like to present a song from Kubota Toshinobu, Missing.
Aoi: Oh. Lalala~~~ ♪ *starts to sing*
Kai: It’s not that song! Not that song! *laughs* This song is well.. how to say this, up until now Kubota Toshinobu songs have been up-tempo, even his love songs.
Ruki: Yes yes.
Kai: This one is a ballad. It’s rarely heard, the kind of song that will make you sad when you want to kill someone. [I think he meant that it’s a very sad song.]
Ruki: Oh..!
Kai: But isn’t it a good song to welcome winter. With that, please listen to this, Kubota Toshinobu’s Missing. *plays the song*
Ruki: *from far away* You..! What kind of song did you play?! What is this, what is this..?!
Kai: the GazettE’s individual talk, three people: Ruki, Aoi, and Kai have challenged it, how was that? After this we will have guitarist Uruha and bassist Reita talk for us, but too bad, there is a little announcement here. *announces a few thing regarding the Tokyo Dome performance* From now on, our talk corner..
Aoi: from now on it’s the real program, right? *laughs*
Uruha: Ah, but the air has become thin.. *laughs*
Aoi: Well, Uruha has been looking forward to this right.. for real. *laughs*
Ruki: After Reita is finished, there is Uruha, right. That is.. *laughs*
Aoi: After Reita there is Uruha, that’s risky. *laughs*
Uruha: *laughs* Reita, only for this once, would you make it a bit gloomy?
Reita: Eh? If I make the talk gloomy, I will do a good favor, but my parents will be sad. *laughs*
Kai: Well, after this the GazettE’s guitarist, Uruha will be talking!
Reita: It’s me..!
*roars of laughters*
Uruha: It’s fine, though. *laughs*

Reita’s Talk Corner

Kai: Just now, I accidentally said that guitarist Uruha would be talking, I’m sorry, the fourth person will be Reita..
Reita: Right. That’s why we did janken. *laughs*
Kai: Reita seem to have the image of a person who seldom talks, but it’s definitely not like that.
Reita: I might be the second person after Ruki-san who is really unskillfull in talking. *laughs*
Aoi: Well, Ruki-san.. is really..
Ruki: I do want to have conversations with people I don’t know, but I’m sorry, I just really don’t talk.
*roars of laughters*
Uruha: Scary.. scary. That’s really scary! *laughs*
Kai: Well then, let’s start with Reita’s talk corner.
Reita: Shall we start? Re-re-reita, part is bass, best regards! Ehehe.. *weird laughs*
*roars of laughters*
Uruha: Eh, that was nice, actually.
Reita: You know what, I will read mail first..! *laughs*
*roars of laughters*
Kai: *in high voice* Fast! That was fast! *laughs* [they usually read the letters/ mails in the end of the talk corners]

[On a fan letter, about Keiji]

Reita: “I heard Reita-san bought a cockatiel called Keiji, what happens to him during tour? When Reita-san is not there, he must be lonely right.”
Gazemen: *laughs*
Uruha: Why does it sound really dependent? *laughs*
Reita: It’s fine. Hm? Hm? Should I continue?
*roars of laughters*
Reita: Well, I really like cockatiels, I bought one, his name is Keiji.
Ruki: *laughs* I heard that. You have said that just now right [on the letter].
Reita: When I went to the pet shop on June 10th, he really didn’t look healthy. Usually people will choose pets which look healthy, right? My Keiji is now really healthy.
Ruki: *laughs* Then.. because you want him to be healthy, and he was “born” on June 10th, so Keiji.. *laughs* [Kanji plays]
Reita: Then about what happens to Keiji during tour, the truth is, he’s being taken care of by the dog Ruki-san raised, Koron.
*roars of laughters*
Kai: So he’s there! *laughs*
Reita: They are getting along really well, like jumping and hugging.
*roars of laughters*

[On another fan letter, about his habit using hair dryer to dry his body]

Reita: “I have a question for Reita-san. I heard from a friend that Reita-san likes to dry off using hairdryer after a bath, is that true? I’m really interested in that.” This, how did they find out? *laughs*
Aoi: You kinda said that, right. Don’t you remember?
Reita: No, no. This.. they might have attached a camera! *laughs*

[On another fan letter]

Reita: “The day All Night Nippon is broadcasted is by chance my older sister’s 23rd birthday. This is a sudden request, but on the 17th, could you please say something? Receiving birthday wishes from family isn’t bad, but receiving it from Ruki-san whom she really likes, she will be really happy.”
Gazemen: *laughs*
Reita: This is not for me! *laughs* Well, the sister’s name is Mina-san, this person asked Ruki-san to wish her a happy birthday, should we tell Kai-san to do it?
*roars of laughters*
Reita: Then, Ruki-san, could you please at least wish her happy 23rd birthday?
Ruki: Yes, Mina-san! Happy 23rd birthday. From now on please be more beautiful. *with low voice*
Aoi: SO COOL!!! I admired that just now. *laughs*

Uruha’s Talk Corner

Kai: Well, well, we’ve arrived at the last one of the individual talk corner. The person for this is guitarist Uruha-san.
Aoi, Ruki, & Reita: Uruha..! Uruha..I Uruha..! *growls*
Reita: This is.. you know.
Kai: Quite a fortune.
Uruha: Yes. The last one, eh? Ee.. my stomach is hurting for real. *laughs*
Ruki: You mean you haven’t been able to get it out in the toilet lately?
*roars of laughters*
Uruha: This is real. *laughs*
Ruki: You mean it’s really scary.
Uruha: With that.. What kind of talk I better do.. well, I don’t really have an idea. About the first time I started music.. I think it went the same.
Ruki: Yes, yes, yes. Let’s start.
Uruha: Well, but. It’s that isn’t it. How to say it.. visual kei. *laughs*
Gazemen: *laughs*
Uruha: Noo, this is hard! Let’s just stop! *laughs*
Ruki: Oh? Nonono, do you want to just go with mail?
Uruha: Wait, wait a second. Me too.. is like that. Well, various.. Shall we read the mails? *laughs*
*roars of laughters*

[On a fan letter]

Uruha: Eeto, I’m really sorry! “Good night, A..Ai-san..”
Aoi: *laughs* What’s wrong, what’s wrong?
Uruha: *laughs* Wait a minute!
Kai: Pen name, pen name!
Uruha: Ah, pen name? The pen name is Ai-san. Ee.. “Good night, I’m Ai. I have a question for Uruha-san. In the middle of stirring up fans during lives, I thought Uruha-san was saying something, what did you say?”
Gazemen: *laughs*
Uruha: “I am always paying attention, but only looking from the mouth, I can’t understand. ...”
Ruki: Ah but, isn’t it like “It’s youth!!!!”
*roars of laughter*
Uruha: Well, it’s close to that.
Kai: *laughs* It’s youth!
Aoi: Eh, at that time does your voice come out?
Kai: It doesn’t.
Aoi: Do you let it out?
Uruha: Eh? Well.. eh?
Aoi: You let it out?
Uruha: Un. It really comes out. Uwa, it’s embarrassing!
Kai: *laughs*
Reita: What do you say?
Uruha: It’s like.. singing the guitar phrases..
Ruki: Eh?! Like "Pirorirorin~~?!"
*roars of laughters*
Kai: Can you do it now? *laughs*
Uruha: Nono, but it’s not really audible, do you understand?
Aoi: No, but I think it’s audible.
Uruha: eh, is it audible?
Reita: But those are not words?
Uruha: Those are not words..
Reita: So those are phrases?
Uruha: But I wonder if there are also words..
Kai: Phrases?
Uruha: For example, when there are high notes, for myself to be able to reach those notes.
Ruki: Aaahh.
Reita: For example, for example?
Aoi: Listen!
Uruha: Eh? Um, um.. for example when I’m playing guitar, it’s like.. "Na~~ ♪" *in high voice*
*roars of laughters*
Uruha: Well, this is why I don’t use microphones to stir up fans at lives. *laughs*
Ruki: Well, fans must be watching, right. What are they talking, what kind of voice they let out..
Aoi: But even so, well.. even at the end of lives, right [that Uruha doesn’t use the mic]. Well, even if you’re told to..
Uruha: What’s wrong with you?
Ruki: *imitates Uruha* Doumo, that was Uruha.
Uruha: Well, it has come to that.
Aoi: That was a big help, right.
*roars of laughters*
Ruki: That was big. Is it some kind of four-people rumors? *laughs*

[on Uruha’s talk corner topic]

Uruha: Well, in the end it’s myself.. Ah, what is it..
Reita: Your voice don’t come out?
*roars of laughters*
Uruha: Well, what kind of person am I? I want to hear it from the other way round.
*roars of laughters*
Ruki: Amazing! What kind of person am I..! *laughs*
Uruha: *laughs* I really want to know!

[on the effort to get Uruha to talk more]

Aoi:, try to convey your gratitude to fans all over the country.
Uruha: Ah.. gratitude, I know that. Ah but, I..! I really don’t know how to do it.
*roars of laughters*
Reita: Go wash your face once!
*roars of laughters*
Reita: Then the opposite, what about your hobby?
Uruha: Ah well, I like home appliances.
Reita: Maybe the home appliances you recently bought..
Uruha: Ee.. Wasn’t it smart phone?
Reita: Smart phone?
Uruha: Smart phone.. Everyone has it.
Ruki: *whispers* What is smart phone..?
Uruha: Hee..? Don’t you have it, smart phone?
Ruki: A..aah! Understood!


So those are the snippets I chose! Hope that wasn’t too confusing. Those guys should do this kind of program more often. I really love their sometimes mean banters! ♥
Oh, and please, if you want to put this translation somewhere else, please tell me and credit here. 

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